We have the right fit for everyone, whether it’s private, group, strength or fitness training.

players are split by

age group into divisions

(U10) Pee Wee Division

(U14) JUNIOR Division

(U18) Senior Division

Players are split into skill levels

Players that are beginners and need to lay the groundwork.

Players that are on a spectrum of intermediate. They may have some advanced skills but may have some others that need development.

Players that have a mastery of fundamentals or have some high-level strengths on the court that translate to competitive basketball.

Our System

Athletic Development

Our curriculum cycles players through different phases that aim to improve the neurological system to strengthen the joints that do the movements required on the basketball court. We believe players should develop a proper athletic foundation, learn specific joint angles, and learn to move dynamically out of those angles.

Skill Development

The curriculum focuses on one specific skill per month. Players engage with these skills during block training but are also challenged to focus on that skill in a small game setting that forces them to make decisions and work through constraints. Our players also participate in general games at the end of every session where they work inside of the conceptual offense that Next Level Basketball installs. They should be adept at the actions that are familiar in professional basketball. The primary focus of this is spacing and creating advantages on the floor and sharpening decision-making and execution.

Youth Development League

Our club basketball teams are an extension of our player development program. Players in our program who reach Level 2 and Level 3 can be selected into our club teams, who will play competitive 5-on-5 games against other club teams during calendar seasons. Players in Level 1 play organized a 3-on-3 competition against their peers. For more information, go to the NLBYDL page!

The Schedule

2 sessions
per week

Athletic Development

2 sessions
per week

Skill Development

1 sessions
per week

club team practice
If Applicable

The Coaches

All of our basketball coaches are trained in our skill development curriculum and have to go through a selective interview process and a rigorous training process. The same coaching staff that directs their development on the court also coaches them in club competitions. Players get to grow up in a system along with their coaches.

All of our athletic development coaches have to have the prerequisite certifications and go through a selective interview process.