About Next Level Basketball

Next Level Basketball has been operating since 2013 in the South Florida area. From the beginning, our goal was to develop a systematic approach to basketball player development. In this approach, we have cultivated a culture that aims to promote structure and intensity, as opposed to a recreational one. Our goal is to develop basketball players and people, which we think our regimen does. Our goal isn’t to offer training alone, but a holistic experience of development.


How do science and basketball go together? How do science and basketball go together? As we have developed our program, we have increasingly incorporated sports science into our program. Sports science, including exercise physiology, sports psychology, and sports biomechanics all play a role in sports performance. In addition, data science (applied statistics) gives us an opportunity to analyze data in order to evaluate and predict performance using sports analytics. Sports can advance insofar the technology that has developed in a society at the time allows. These tools can work in conjunction with what we see with our eyes, and it is on the court where we can test and develop new theories for better performance and strategy.

In addition to developing the sharpest analysis possible for the game of basketball, our organization informs itself with the literature in sports science and sports analytics. Next Level Basketball is also in the process of developing its own theoretical, methodological and scientific contributions to the areas of sports science and sports analytics.
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